Yoga teaches us to live and breathe.

Yoga is an amazing way to heal the body, but to use it as a form of exercise is really missing the best part of it.  My interest in Yoga is that it's a path of healing.  It teaches us to stand, sit, breathe, and reconnect with our deeper intuition.  As we move towards that, we discover all the stuff that is blocking us from being who we really are.  In my classes I hold back from more of the deeper spiritual work, but in private sessions we can go into this more deeply.

I am a 500 RYT, trained in India, and teaching in London.  I've been practicing Yoga since 2009, and teaching since 2011.

In the West there is a common belief that we need to work hard in order to move forward.  What I learned through Yoga is that the exact opposite is true.  

We don't need to practice more to "improve"; we need to practice the right way.  When we take action from a space of being centred, the impact of our effort doubles.

Private Lessons

I recommend to all my students that they take at least a few private lessons in their lives.  In group classes you might be doing something wrong for yearsbefore it is corrected. 

In a private Yoga session everything is curtailed towards you.  It's an opportunity to discover the nuances of your body and energy in a safe and supported environment.  Recently a student told me that the one private we'd done was worth 13 years of her previous Yoga practice!

Private Yoga sessions are on a sliding scale from £50-£75, depending on your income level, and what you feel you can pay.

Email me through the contact form on this site to discuss more.

"Your class left me feeling elated and rested.  I loved the whole thing, and the meditation was out-of-this-world amazing!  I haven't slept so well in years - what a bonus!

- Bronwyn, Yoga Student, South Africa 

"I really appreciated the encouragement to feel what was going on in my body.  Amazing when you can locate unconscious tension, then relax it - what a difference.  The peace!  My best experience of Yoga to date."  - Cath Simpson, Yoga Student, South Africa 

One of the most enriching, profound, and enjoyable experiences I've had in a long time.  Yola's passion and expertise was obvious but her facilitation was clear and enabled me to engage with the different sequences and the meditation on my own terms. The session had a lasting impact on both my physical and emotional wellbeing." - Oliver, Yoga student, London