Retreat to Peru in May 2017

Come for the first week, second week, or both weeks!

May 14th - 26th.  Tarapoto, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu.

Spiritual YogaHoliday. 

Inca trail, Yoga every day, three optional plant medicine ceremonies.

  • WEEK 1:
  • Yoga every day, three optional plant medicine ceremonies.

  • WEEK 2:
  • Inca trail, Yoga every day.

Yoga and shamanic retreat in Peru

Looking for new direction in your life, or just want to get away from it all?

Combining Yoga and excursions in a five star Resort and Spa in the rainforests of Peru, this is a retreat like no other.

Join us:
- Climbing Maccu Piccu
- Practicing two hours of Yoga a day
- Learning breathing techniques to reduce stress
- Swimming in a crystal clear lagoon
- (Optionally) Going more deeply into ourselves through Plant Medicine ceremonies

Daily Yoga is taught by Yolanda Barker and Rich D'Amaru. Rich will also lead a climb of the Inca Trail, and excursions throught the rainforests, villages, markets of the Sacred Valley and Tarapoto Peru.

Three pricing plans available (see below).

Yoga holiday in Peru

Yoga is known in the Western world as a form of exercise, and a relaxation tool. Its health, fitness and destressing benefits are widely recognised. Yoga postures make the physical body strong and supple, and the breath balances the nervous system.

Our two hours of Yoga every day will vary between Yin and Yang practices:

Yin - gentle, restorative Yoga.
Yang - dynamic yoga.

Spiritual healing in Peru

While most Yoga students feel their practice grounds them, empowers them, and even makes them more present, they are not yet tapping into the most powerful aspect of the practice.

There is a hidden aspect of Yoga which is not often addressed in Yoga classes in the West. Yoga was orginally designed to balance the energy body, and bring about spiritual healing, wisdom, and enlightenment.

The classes on this Yoga retreat will include information on this subtle body aspect of Yoga; particuarly referencing Kundalini, prana, and apana energies.

Yoga & shamanic healing in Peru

Yoga is a centering tool, a grounding technique, and a spiritual practice. It is powerful, yet gentle, and requires discpline and commitment.

Plant medicines are a little more dramatic, and they work very well in conjunction with a daily Yoga pracitce.

Ayahausca is a psychoactive substance that is regarded as a healing medicine. The Ayahuasca experience can reconnect us with our energy body, our spirituality, and our purpose in this life. ‘’

The optional Medicine ceremonies on this yoga and shamanism retreat will be held with Amelia Panduro; a 66-year old Shipibo Curandera (Healer). She is an extremely well-known traditional medicine woman in Peru, and has been featured in documentaries and musical recordings put together with Tito La Rosa and Jose Campos.